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Pradosham 2015 Dates | பிரதோஷம் நாட்கள் 2015

Pradosham 2015 / Pradosha 2015

Pradosham 2015 - Pradosham is the 13th day of every fortnight according to the Hindu center. On this day everyone celebrates and prays to Lord shiva during this function. If you are looking for this month pradosham date you landed in a right place. You can find the list of pradosham 2015 dates in the below table. We have given the prathosam date as per Tamil calendar 2015.

Pradosham 2015 Dates | பிரதோஷம் நாட்கள் 2015

Amavasai 2015 / Pournami 2015 / Pradosham 2015 / Karthigai 2015 / Ashtami 2015 / Navami 2015 / Sashti 2015 / Sankatahara Chathurthi 2015 / Thiruvonam 2015 / Matha Sivarathiri 2015 / Ekadhasi 2015 / Chathurthi 2015

Pradosham 2015 / Pradosha 2015 is an important day dedicated to God Shiva. Pradosham / Pradosha falls on the 13th day (trayodashi) of every lunar fortnight. On Pradosham / Pradosha days, devotees of Hindu God Shiva fast from sunrise to sunset and they break the fast after performing the Pradosh pooja. There two pradoshams in ecah hindu lunar month. one in waxing moon period and another in Waning moon period.

When Pradosham / Pradosha day falls on Monday it is called Soma Pradosham, on Tuesday it is called Bhauma Pradosham and on Saturday it is called as Shani Pradosham. These dates may differ by a day according to location and other things.

Importance Of Pradosham / Pradosha Viratham

Pradosham / Pradosha Viratham is considered very auspicious and is an important Viratham among all Virathams (fasts). It is also said that worshiping lord Shiva on this day washes away all your sins and an individual can get moksham or mukkti after death. Keeping Pradosha viratham or donating two cows helps you reap the same reward. It is believed that a person who performs viratham on Pradosham dates “Shiva will be his”.

Location based Pradosham Days

It is important to understand that fasting day for Pradosham might differ for two cities even if those cities are within same Indian state. Fasting for Pradosham depends on sunset time and it is observed when Trayodashi Tithi prevails after sunset. Hence Pradosham fasting might be observed on Dwadashi Tithi i.e. one day before Trayodashi Tithi. As Sunset time is different for all cities, it is important to refer Hindu calendar like this website which lists location based Pradosham days. As generating location based dates are time consuming most sources ignore this fact and publish single list for all cities.

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