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Navami 2015 Dates | நவமி 2015 | Navami Dates 2015

Navami 2015 / Navami Tithi

Navami 2015 - 'Navami' is the word derived from sanskrit which means 'nine'. It is calculated based on Lunisolar system (based on the movement of sun and moon). Navami is the ninth day of fifteen day cycle. Navami will come twice a month. The ninth day after amavasai or new moon day is navami. The other navami will come on the ninth day after pournami or full moon day.

Amavasai 2015 / Pournami 2015 / Pradosham 2015 / Karthigai 2015 / Ashtami 2015 / Navami 2015 / Sashti 2015 / Sankatahara Chathurthi 2015 / Thiruvonam 2015 / Matha Sivarathiri 2015 / Ekadhasi 2015 / Chathurthi 2015

Navami 2015 Dates | நவமி 2015 | Navami Dates 2015

Navami 2015 - Significance And Celebrations

Navami 2015 dates and time based on traditional Hindu calendar, Astrology and Panchangam. The Ninth lunar day each of the two lunar phases (Krishna Paksha and Sukla Paksha) is called Navami. The Navami which comes after the full moon (Purnima) is called Krishna Paksha Navami. And the Navami after Amavasya is called Shukla Paksha Navami. It comes 24 times in a year,the list of Navami dates, you will find in this Navami calendar.

Important festivals on Navami Tithi

Rama Navami, Sita Navami and Maha Navami are the three most important festivals observed on navami tithi.

Rama Navami

Ram Navami a Hindu spring festival observed on Chaitra, Shukla Paksha Navami. It is celebrated on the ninth and last day of Chaitra Navratri in the month of March/April. In Rama Navami Eight Prahar fasting is suggested during Rama Navami. Which means devotes should observe the fast from sunrise to sunrise.

Sita Navami

Sita Navami or Jayanti is the day that celebrates the birth of Goddess Sita. It is also known as Janki Navami. It is celebrated during Shukla Paksha of Vaishakha month. Lord Ram was born on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Hence according to the Hindu calendar, Sita Jayanti falls after one month of Rama Navami.

Maha Navami

Maha Navami Tithi falls on the 9th day of Navratri which observes the worship of Goddess Siddhidatri, the 9th form of NavaDurga. On Maha Navami, Maa Durga is worshiped as Mahisasura Mardini.

Remedies for Navami Tithi

Goddess Durga is the master of Navami Tithi, so the natives of this Tithi must worship her. If there are any problems or any obstacles in life, then Durga Saptashi should be recited seeking strength to overcome problems. Goddess Siddhidatri is also worshipped.

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